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EquityTouch© was designed by industry leaders to reduce management time and to maximize results. Our desktop-based application provides extraordinary field customization, with an Advanced Search using any of your custom data (including physical location data) which is unequaled in the industry. We allow for unlimited Company and Person groups, which can easily be generated from any search result or selected results.

As soon as you save a group or advanced search, you'll find it on your Mobile device, the next time you log in. And, as soon as you "tag" a group or search to an associate, or recieve a tagged group or search-- you'll find it on your Mobile device, the next time you log in.

EquityTouch© Mobile talks to your data real-time, with no delays and no mistakes. Our applications emphasize data-concurrency and transaction safety. If you tap "Save" a few seconds before your colleague taps "Save"-- we don't let their changes overwrite yours. EquityTouch© Mobile is smart enough to warn you about modified data, and reload relevant pages for you. EquityTouch© Mobile also features re-try prompts, in the event that your mobile device loses connectivity while you're working.

Our encryption has never been stronger, and our response times have never been quicker. If you're not using EquityTouch© Mobile, please contact us for a test drive.

Super-Searches. Groups. Tags. We have all that stuff.

If you regularly use a customized search for Companies in certain geographic regions, in specific industries, with a specific range of valuation, by your own customized pipeline stages-- you'll have that saved search in Mobile. If you recieve weekly tagged Company groups from the boss, or if you require daily completed Touches tags from your associates-- you'll now have those available on your smart-phone or tablet.

You can also view and edit the custom data you use to create your most important daily tools.

What data can you bring with you? Everything! (Almost.)

Customize your workflow for your mobile productivity by saving the searches, groups and tags that you need when you're on-the-go. We've brought everything that fits to your phone. The rest is available on your desktop!

Here are the EquityTouch© features that you'll still only find on the big screen:

  • EquityTouch's Advanced Search panel.
  • The ability to save searches and tags (which are commonly advanced searches).
  • The ability to create and edit Company and Person groups.
  • Editable Custom Grids (multi-row custom data containers).
  • Person-Company Relationships management.
  • The Client Administration area, for Custom Field and User Administration.

As phones, tablets and touch-screens become more practical as primary computing devices, we'll be bringing all our best work, to your latest computing hardware. Meanwhile, there's always something in the works for EquityTouch© Mobile!

Now You Can Bring Your Workflow With You Anywhere!

You're an Expert with EquityTouch© Mobile!

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